Monday, April 7, 2008

Rebecca Isabelle "Belle" Larkey

Rebecca Isabelle "Belle" Larkey was born 24 Sep 1885 in Scott Co., VA and died 15 Jun 1968 in LaHarpe, Allen Co., KS. Belle was the daughter of Robert James Larkey and Margaret Emmaline McClain. She married John D. Welch on 16 Jul 1927 in Buffalo, OK. He was born 17 May 1878 in Jonesboro, TN and died 25 Sep 1947 in LaHarpe, Allen Co., KS. Belle and John are buried in LaHarpe Cemetery, LaHarpe, Allen Co., KS.

"Say John, le's start over as little kids. There are some very interesting things going to happen after we pass on. If we just go on old folks like we are now. Well on second thought we may find better things in the next world than ever will be in this tille the millenum - so let's just go on." -Belle Larkey in a letter to her cousin John Hickam Larkey

29 Jun 1958, "I would like som more comfort, but ine things I have no use for. Unless they are fine things of the soul. People have gone 'things' crazy. Thse things were foretold - so to come."

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